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steam rising Steam
On the surface, all so calm;
moon rising, breeze unspooling
winter after-dinner walk
belly full, heart content yet
beneath: dreams simmer in wait
deep, boiling, unseen, building
escaping, lost, to the night.steam




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Kicking off the new year


I’m pleased as punch to have had two stories published this month, and so am taking this moment to celebrate. As any writers out there know, the rejections outnumber the acceptances by a ratio I’d rather not think about. (Plus, I’m not good at math, anyway).

So—check them out some cold winter night (or warm summer night, to my friends in the Southern Hemisphere).

Kaaterskill Basin Literary Journal, Winter 2016 • December 24/Unsent (fiction)
Runner-up in Short Fiction Contest, Theme “The Heart of Winter”

Turk’s Head Review, January 2016 • Sea Change (flash fiction)

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