What makes you bloom?

I’ve been thinking about this question a lot lately, as I work (very messily, but steadily) toward deepening my writing practice and working past fears that keep me from bursting into full flower. Things that help me are daily morning pages and evening 11-minute fast writes, lots of long walks in any weather, taking photos, yoga, eating well, sleeping well–but it’s hard to be such a consistently good friend to yourself. Hard to find the hours in the day to create those “ideal conditions” with the pressures of life. Hard not to beat yourself up for falling short.

Still: most people don’t have ideal conditions. And some people bloom anyway. Amazingly. Like tulips in February, blooming inside instead of  outdoors in May, under “ideal” circumstances. So can you. So can I.

Imagine if you could be your own biggest cheerleader instead of your own harshest critic?