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prayer for a windswept walk

To pray you open your whole self
To sky, to earth, to sun, to moon
To one whole voice that is you.

– from “Eagle Poem,” by Joy Harjo


Eagle guarding Eden Park


Brave buds on a cold day.


Ohio River from Eden Park.

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To the pond

frozen pondTo the pond

Yes, I’m boiling over
I’m stirring the pot,
I walk, listening

for the howler monkeys
their silence echoes
across the silver sky

A red-tailed hawk and a flock of sparrows
whisper in my muffled ears:
to the pond, to the pond, to the pond

words skipping like stones across water
like a needle, stuck
on vinyl that shines like black ice

To the pond, to the pond: insistent
like a tic, like the pot, stirring me
to the pond, to the pond where

three bubblers describe three circles,
liquid centers with white-lipped borders
ice edging dark water

A man is on the ice
walking slowly along the radius
as if walking to an altar

as if on a pilgrimage
he’s tracing an invisible labyrinth
trusting the ice to hold him, or not—

maybe foolish,
but I see only fearlessness
as I watch, breathing cold air

on the frozen edge
under the silver sky

frozen pond

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My morning walk

An intersection, not far from the zoo.

An intersection, not far from the zoo.

Howler monkeys howl
sing lonesome songs in the rain—
carry me away

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