Writing Workshops & Coaching

For most of my life, with a few yawning gaps here and there—I have been a dedicated writer. For many years, I offered writing services as a value-added side service to my corporate and non-profit graphic design clients, frequently polishing rough copy or generating copy from scratch for my busy clients who often had too many competing demands to write their own content.

Over the years, I’ve written promotional brochures and direct-mail letters, and ghost-written letters from directors in newsletters. I’ve written advertisements and edited employee communication materials—but always, I offered writing as a side service, to keep some writing juice for my deepest work. Because all the while, I was busy writing my own work: a novel, a novel-in-progress, reams of poetry, short stories and essays.

Largely self-taught, I’ve learned to go deep in my writing in my long-time class participation at Women Writing for (a) Change (I HIGHLY recommend them for those in the Cincinnati area, and they do offer co-ed classes, guys), as well as many, many advanced-level workshops, classes, conferences, writing groups and retreats. Helping people connect to their deepest inner voice and write from the heart brings me great joy.

I run an ongoing writing workshop on Thursday evenings at the Clifton Cultural Arts Center. Visit cliftonculturalarts.org for details, or reach out to me for more information (preregistration required!)

In addition, I coach writers one-on-one, offering exercises, feedback and editing services, in person or remotely. I tailor all prompts and exercises to YOUR goals. Let me help you unlock the writer who lives inside you and overcome the internal editor. Whether you want to be a better business communicator, poet, blogger, memoir-writer or just want to write to feel better and grow—I can help. If your needs are specialized and I am not the right fit, I have lots of connections to help you find the resources you need.

Contact me at elaineolund (at) gmail (dot) com for details.

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