2017healthmonitorIn May 2017, I completed my 200 hour yoga teacher training at It’s Yoga, in Cincinnati. It’s Yoga is the studio where I practice most often. It was the first studio in Cincinnati to offer certified teacher training, and is a Yoga Alliance certified school—Mike and Indu have been training teachers for decades! The depth of knowledge of all the teachers in the program is amazing. With a foundation built on philosophy, anatomy, alignment, practice AND teaching, and I am learning so much. I use the present tense because I feel practicing and teaching yoga will be a life-long journey. There is always more to learn.

My areas of greatest interest are yoga for relief of anxiety, yoga to help energize/focus, and yoga nidra (deep relaxation, great during challenging times in your life–or anytime, really). I also teach  Ashtanga modified primary/Vinyasa flow and Rocket, if you like a physical challenge. If you wish to develop tools for helping relieve tension, to feel better physically and mentally, and to sleep better, let me know!

In addition, I have a keen interest in healing from trauma—both old or sudden and cumulative and chronic. I am not a therapist, and yoga does not take the place of therapy. I have done extensive self-study in healing from trauma and how the mind-body connection helps us feel better (part of what led me deeper into yoga). I strive to be sensitive, centering and supportive in my approach to all yoga sessions. To deepen my knowledge, in June 2016, I took leadership training from the True Body Project in Cincinnati (an organization that specializes in mind/body connection and social/emotional centering) and learned many effective trauma-aware techniques, with the aim of providing the most calming and restorative experiences I can. Since even the news can be quite traumatic these days, I believe most of us can benefit from calming in our lives.

If you’re new to yoga, or are afraid yoga is only for the young and/or extremely fit or extremely mellow, remember: you do not have to be naturally flexible. You do not have to be young. If you have physical limitations (most of us do), yoga can adapt to YOUR needs and your body. And if I am not able to effectively meet your yoga needs, I can almost certainly connect you with someone who can, or direct you to appropriate studios/classes in town.

I am accepting private clients. I can teach you one-on-one or in pairs in my home studio in Northside, or at your home. Group classes are welcome in your home (or office), as space allows. My best time slots are weekend afternoons, weekday late afternoons/evenings, or early mornings during the week. I may also be able to accommodate lunchtime yoga, on certain days.

I would love to teach you.

Contact me at elaineolund (at) gmail (dot) com for rates and details.

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