Apple Crisp

applesApple Crisp
Start with apples.
The best thing is to pluck them
heavy handful by heavy handful,
from laden trees
on a sunny day
as the bees suck the sweet
from the windfalls at your feet

Otherwise, handpick them at the market –
the farmer’s market,
not the hypermarket.

The apples need to be relaxed, cheerful, tart,
dark red outside and
greeny-white inside
Rather than waxed, mealy and underripe.
Hypermarket apples do not bake well.
They have forgotten the feel of warm air and warm sun
They have been too cold too long
Too cold to let their juices run
in a hot oven mingling with cinnamon
and sugar and melting butter.

Fresh-picked apples and sunshine
Oats and brown sugar,

Published by

Elaine Olund

I'm a writer, artist and designer who thinks way too much, and tries to see the beauty in the world.

3 thoughts on “Apple Crisp”

  1. Love this. Sent it to my sister who also enjoys your writings. She wanted to know if she could have permission to print it off and put it in the goody bags she will be giving out at the hotel when her son gets married in October in Tennessee.

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