Headline: Sexual Assault Hotline Sees Busiest Day Ever

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Elaine Olund

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One thought on “Headline: Sexual Assault Hotline Sees Busiest Day Ever”

  1. Yes, it’s been hard to experience for me too, even though I am so far away from the whole fiasco. It made things surge back up for me too.
    Thank you for sharing your emotions.
    For what it’s worth, the worst sexual assault I experienced, the one that stayed with me for decades, WAS performed by a complete stranger. A young teen (younger than me and I wasn’t 20) at a subway station. Since then, many many men who didn’t know me aside from seeing me have fun at a bar, also assaulted me.
    But the rapes and the more repetitive assaults were at the hands of men I knew, who just couldn’t hear when I said “I don’t want to” and for whom I just froze and let things happen.
    I guess I find them less traumatising because my mind was already used to shutting down and watching from above.
    One day they too will come out, I guess…

    Hugs and love to you!

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